Our mission is to provide flexible education financing products

Education is the panacea to all ills. We believe that for the lofty aim of bringing education within the reach of students in our country, private capital will play a big role. We see a future where talented students, no matter what their socio-economic backgrounds are, would be able to fund their education and be able to pursue their passions after their education. We want to provide financial freedom to students to pursue their passion and excel in it knowing that we have got their back. Because finally, we do our best when we are really free to pursue our dreams.

Founded by ex-I bankers and consultants, Propelld goes beyond traditional CIBIL scores to value a student based on not just his current creditworthiness but signals that show his potential. We see a lot of factors to this effect and reward a student’s performance to identify high-quality borrowers in spite of limited credit or work history.

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