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NewsBytes is India’s only explanatory journalism portal. Fact Based digital media company, which creates content without human intervention through AI powered engine called YANTRA. Each article on its timeline is written to answer the first few questions that come to a user’s mind on reading a headline.

NewsBytes was started by alumni of IIT, IIM and Ivy League Institutions with a clear goal- to reduce information overload in your everyday news consumption. Our generation faces many distractions and struggles to find relevant information in the least possible time. Add to that, the way news is being delivered is not the way human mind works. The human mind is a story processor and not a logic processor and since the traditional media houses don’t provide the users with the background, it doesn’t appeal to them. The solution to this problem is NewsBytes. It answers the first 5 questions that come to the users’ mind on reading a news headline.

NewsBytes provides your everyday news in a contextual timeline to reduce information overload.



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