Industry: Realty Tech Ecosystem 


Lockated enables smart living for people through its smart tech.

It is a Smart App that helps one change their normal lifestyle to Smart Living. With the increasing penetration of mobile phones and the evolution in technology there is a rising demand for smart living. Smart living provides comfort by way of high-tech security, state-of-the-art facilities, energy efficiency, Project/Complex & Home Automation, & convenience of integrating all the shopping on a single platform.

Lockated brings all this and more that can be controlled remotely from outside by a phone or the Internet. It is a modern-day software designed & developed to meet the ends from a contemporary tech-friendly consumer to real estate developers & builders. Lockated proudly makes its offerings relevant to anyone partially or completely in some way or the other, and hence it is One App that all one needs.

It is “All-In-One” App to create a Hi-Tech/Smart/Modern Living with a virtual concierge at your fingertips. Lockated aims at making a lifestyle statement and taking present consumer to smart living model as compared to a traditional living. 



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