Industry – Car Rental

The invention of the motor car can be termed as a quantum leap at the peak of the European Industrial Revolution. However, since the days of Karl Benz, little has been done to disrupt the way cars are bought. We at Drivezy are on a mission to transform the way cars are purchased, rented and sold. The concept of car rentals is yet to spread its wings in India. As pioneers in the Indian self drive car rental industry, we believe in the mantra- “Why buy a car, when you can rent one?”

Transport is the backbone of any modern economy. However, rapid motorisation effectuates its own set of issues. While on one hand the burgeoning number of cars on road has become a menace in metros across India, a number of cities suffer from lack of good urban commuting solutions. The concept of car rentals may be simple, but it holds immense potential. Be it the positive impact of rental cars on the environment or reducing the number of cars out on the streets, the shared economy of self drive car rentals is a promising solution to a number of problems plaguing urban India.

Even the most complex of problems has a simple yet elegant solution. At Drivezy we don’t just rent cars, we create products which complete the existing ecosystem. We build technology which provides a comprehensive solution to the issue of urban commute by connecting commuters to vendors in the self drive car rental business. Our vision at Drivezy is to provide a platform where car owners can engage customers and conduct business seamlessly. We concentrate our efforts on simplifying the process of hiring cars by creating scalable mechanisms to conduct and facilitate transactions while proving an economical mode of transport to all.

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