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Dhruva Space builds application-agnostic Small Satellite platforms. Their vision is to offer Small Satellite/s coupled with Earth Station/s and Launch Service as an integrated solution or individually as a technology solution for their prospective customers.

Cubesats have spurred the growth of utilisation of small satellites for industrial applications. In the next decade we will see the utilisation of small satellites for industrial applications at economies of Scale. 

Bengaluru-based Dhruva Space is an early player in the space entrepreneurship space in India. Three friends – Sanjay Nekkanti, Narayan Prasad, and Abhishek Raju – came together in 2012 to set up the company, which tackles primarily small satellite launch systems and devices. The company has collaborated with various national and international organisations from the space sector, including Germany’s Berlin Space Technologies and Australia’s Saber Astronautics. Dhruva Space collaborated with AMSAT India in 2014 to launch the HAMSAT-II satellite in 2014 to serve “the societal needs in disaster management, amateur/emergency radio communications and education.”

Dhruva Space’s NanoSAT platform comprises of: 

  • Scalable Architecture
  • LEO Optimised Design
  • Upto 6U Payload Volume
  • Upto 10kg Payload Mass
  • Powering Payloads upto 15W
  • Pointing Accuracy : < 0.07 deg
  • Mission Lifetime (Nominal) : 3 Years
  • Electric Propulsion for Orbit Manoeuvring
  • VHF/UHF Band : Telemetry & Telecommand
  • S/X Band : Payload Data Transmission Links

Dhruva Space have applications in agriculture, weather, science, bio-diversity and tracking.








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