Industry: Eco-friendly car cabs

Reinventing Mobility:

BluSmart is transforming Indian cities by providing 100% Electric, sustainable and most reliable mobility solutions. Blu Smart is building an all electric ecosystem with strategic partnerships across automotive, infrastructure and energy companies. It is focused on superior mobility experience for its customers, cost savings, passenger safety and security. Their new innovative urban mobility offering gives customers personal freedom to travel whenever they want without the hassles of car ownership and stress of finding parking spots in densely populated urban areas.

Blu Smart’s ride-sharing platform provides surge free and affordable pricing, premium all-electric sedans and SUVs, on-demand and intelligent mobility service, highly rated drivers, shorter wait time and zero cancellations from drivers. All their cars are 100% Electric, and have zero-tailpipe emission.Their drivers will never cancel your daily commute ride. 

BluSmart is building India’s first open public fast charging and aggregation network bringing Bharat Charge, CCS and CHAdeMO – all on One Map-One Network. 










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