Industry: Dairy

BlissFresh is an innovative, modern dairy company selling  dairy and value added dairy products like Milk, UHT Milk, Ghee etc 

Because of high standards of hygiene and quality control, Blissfresh is one of the superior milk brands in India. Their superior quality milk is packaged and delivered fresh, chilled to 4 degree Celsius- to your doorstep through a process that is completely mechanized from start to finish.

Blissfresh milk is instantly pasteurized, chilled and packaged in Gable Top Cartons or bags and sent on its way to consumers, in a process that is mechanized, maintaining absolute purity and keeping the taste and structure of the milk intact. It’s everything that milk should be!

Blissfresh was started in 2013 by a bunch of friends who came from banking and agriculture background. They finalized the concept of a modern organic farm, which can provide healthy, nutritious milk and milk product to customers. They believe in sustainable dairy farming practices and strongly believe that happy cows produce healthy milk.



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