Golden Tips for Gold Loan

As we celebrate International Women’s Day, it is important to acknowledge the financial challenges that women in India face. One of the biggest hurdles that women face is the lack of access to credit. This is where gold loans can play a critical role in empowering women financially, especially because India is the largest consumer […]

A window into the future of financial services

  The one subject that everyone today is acquainted with is the invention of the ChatGPT. Here, GPT stands for “generative pre-trained transformer.” It is a chatbot launched by OpenAI in 2022. It was built on top of OpenAI’s GPT-3.5 family of large language models and is enhanced for better quality and output by both […]

Budget 2023: Reviving the Fintech Revolution

India has the highest fintech adoption rate globally. The industry has seen exponential growth in the latter half of the previous decade when the wave of digitization and 4G internet connectivity swept the country. With an adoption rate for fintech services of 87%, the country trumps every superpower, with an average global rate of adoption […]


  The credit growth in India is experiencing a steady demand. One of the reasons for this positive economic growth indicator phenomenon is digitalization. LendingTech is the fastest-growing segment in FinTech. It accounts for almost 60% of the FinTech market with a market size of 270 billion USD in the year 2022. It is projected to […]

Digital Lending is Revolutionizing the lending Industry

India has a very high demand for credit because of the population and the number of industries that rely on nature for revenue. Due to the increased medical expenses and other financial difficulties, the pandemic significantly raised the need for borrowing. The procedures used by traditional lending institutions grew onerous when the pandemic struck the […]

Credit growth remains strong despite rate hike

Credit growth remains strong despite rate hike Credit demand in India will keep growing steadily, despite rising interest rates as the country’s economy recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic. The credit growth has been upward since the latter half of FY22 and has been in double digits since April 2022, despite a 190-basic point hike in […]

Gold Loan future with Digitalization

The gold financing segment in India has been countersigning a substantial revolution in several aspects, from a steady shift to the organized and formal sector to digitalization and the advent of online products. Gone are those days when the Gold loan was considered a conventional mode of transaction where-in borrowers were required to visit the […]