Gold Loan future with Digitalization

The gold financing segment in India has been countersigning a substantial revolution in several aspects, from a steady shift to the organized and formal sector to digitalization and the advent of online products. Gone are those days when the Gold loan was considered a conventional mode of transaction where-in borrowers were required to visit the […]

The growing prominence of Account Aggregators in India

The Fintech industry has witnessed unprecedented growth in India. Boston Consulting Group and FICCI estimate that the Fintech industry will grow three times as valuable in the next five years, surpassing the $150-160 billion mark by 2025. Apart from market growth, accomplishing higher financial inclusion remains paramount for this industry. Reserve Bank of India (RBI) […]

Outlook on the rising Indian FinTech

In recent years, FinTech has attained unprecedented growth in India, ranked the third-largest globally, and valued at a whopping $31 billion. Given the aggressive reliance on technologies these days, the value of FinTech is sure to redefine several market benchmarks. In my previous article I already shared the figures that represent India’s FinTech growth story and […]

Why Early-Stage Venture Capital Makes Sense

‘Venture capital is about capturing the value between the start-up phase and the public company phase’, commented Fred Wilson upon being asked what Venture Capital means to him. Fred is an American businessman and a Venture Capitalist with investments in Web 2.0 companies such as Twitter, Tumblr, Foursquare, Zynga, and many others. While I second the […]

Borrower’s Protection, Transparency & Accountability: RBI Guidelines on Digital Lending

  Reserve Bank of India has released a detailed set of guidelines for digital lending. The Reserve Bank’s regulatory framework is focused on the digital lending ecosystem for RBI’s Regulated Entities (REs) and the Lending Service Providers (LSPs) engaged by them to extend various permissible credit facilitation services. Announced for immediate implementation on 10th August […]

India’s FinTech has immense growth potential with Finnovation

As India is progressing towards a USD 5 trillion economy and reshaping as a global powerhouse, technology has paved the way for automation and transformation in the financial services industry. Advancements within the FinTech space significantly foster innovation and powers financial institutions to offer digital services and retain relevance in the market. The amalgamation of […]

The Status of FinTech Funding in India

India has 21 FinTech unicorns (as of June 2022) and the future of Fintech is evolving in key services and technology segments. Reports suggest that over the next few years, the FinTech sector will mint the maximum number of unicorns in India. There are many positives to emerging as world FinTech capital alongside a global […]


Linking of UPI with Credit Cards: A Major Step

Priyank Kothari’s shares his views on its implications. The RBI’s decision of linking UPI with credit cards is indeed a big one and is welcomed by the experts. The Reserve Bank of India has allowed linking of all RuPay-enabled credit cards with UPI – the world’s largest public domain digital payments system. UPI is an […]