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Fintech, empowered by smart technologies like Big Data, AI and Machine Learning has created disruption in areas like financing and money lending. Fintech has made it possible to create unique seamless and hassle free customer experience  fulfilling dreams and aspirations of young India like never before. 

Fintech companies in India, however, face a particular challenge of being able to fulfill ever increasing demand on time. We understand your strengths lie in disruptive smart technology to generate leads. We also understand your painpoint of having to manage risk and fulfill demand of specific products that may not be the core competency you would want to focus on and yet being present in those product categories is critical to be seen as a comprehensive lending solution provider.  

Arvog & Fintech: A Winning Partnership

Arvog can help you focus more on your strengths and take care of  servicing your leads enabled by a strategic partnership. With Arvog, you get access to decades of lending expertise, sophisticated risk management tools and management know how of running successful businesses. Fintechs come with superior knowledge about customer needs and cutting edge smart tech  to generate leads. They offer a bouquet of relevant products and services to customers some of which are complicated to process at their end due to liquidity. Arvog comes with years of NBFC lending expertise and a stable  financial backing that can help Fintechs process such loan applications quickly. 

How does this work?

– You generate processed leads and we will process the loan. Loans originate at your end and get processed and fulfilled at our end

– You focus on creating demand for a specific type of loan and we will take care of risk management, processing and lending

– API integration between your LOS (Loan Originating System) and our LMS (Loan Management System) to enable smooth flow of information

– Credit risk lies with Arvog since loans are booked on our books. Demand generation responsibility lies with Fintechs.

Together we can bring game changing synergy that disrupts the industry and unlocks limitless possibilities for B2B clients and end consumers.  Think of Arvog as your dependable partner in your journey towards growth.

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