Arvog (Finkurve Financial Services Limited) is a modern smart-tech-enabled diversified finance and venture growth investment company accredited with offering simple yet relevant Finance and Leisure products and services.

Arvog is empowered by smart tech. It helps us identify relevant customer needs, eliminate hassles and reach out to customers in convenient ways. It is through smart tech that we unlock true worth in products, services and ventures. It enables us to make simple, useful and relevant things that our customers find worthy. 

Our Legacy

A ‘Rooted Progressive’ approach towards building a winning diversified business

Arvog (Finkurve Financial Services Limited) is a listed company on the Bombay Stock Exchange and registered as an NBFC (NonBank Financial Company) with the RBI (Reserve Bank Of India). Since its inception in the year 1984, Finkurve is into financing small and medium enterprises. 

The founders have built a rock solid reputed business on principles of value creation, integrity, radical transparency and innovation. Arvog’s fulcrum of growth has been its relentless focus on spotting and unlocking worth in worthy ideas and ventures, preference for smart-tech enabled scalability, customer centric value creation process and pioneering spirit to break new grounds in the world of finance and leisure.

Arvog has always believed in achieving expansive growth while being firmly rooted in its core values. Arvog as a group believes in creating and passing on value to end consumers, it has uncompromised focus on quality and believes in achieving meaningful growth by giving back to the society. The group believed in Corporate Social Responsibility even when CSR was not a buzz word yet. It has undertaken many social and philanthropic projects over the years. Arvog believes it is worth growing only in a thriving society and on a sustainable planet. And it is worth doing every bit to ensure they remain thriving and sustainable. 

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